For those living in the region, or perhaps those just tuned-in to the weather, this has been a wet spring for Olive Hill. Although the property is well positions to handle the precipitation, the verge still needs constant trimming; and that is always tough to do in the rain.  But the sun came out for us for Memorial Day and our groundskeeper David Lay had the place in great shape.  For the rest of us, we’ll have to take his example as something to live up to.  Rain or shine, Olive Hill Cemetery will get the attention it needs…and deserves.

Let me also take a moment to thank our thoughtful Secretary/Treasurer for her work.  The amount of new data, current record-keeping and past information knows no end.  Donna seems at her best sorting all this out for us.  Her assistance in getting me up to speed as the new chairman may be her most difficult job yet.

This year we were saddened by the loss of our oldest and most supportive member Winifred Fuhrman, great granddaughter of Olive Bailey.  I had the honor of walking her to the car last year and I can say she was a ray of sunshine for us all.  Now, for our first-hand family history, we must lean even more heavily on Frances Lay Morris, my aunt and another great granddaughter of Olive Bailey.  Thankfully, Fran has been a great repository of stories.  Every year we all think of more questions to ask.

As we march toward the future, Olive Hill has received so much support from so many that we can all be thankful.  Stepping in this year after several years of guidance through the chairmanship of Terry Lay, I can say with confidence that Olive Hill has never looked better.

Charles "Zeke" Lay
Charles “Zeke” Lay
OHCA Chairman
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  10501 North Rockwell Avenue
  Oklahoma City, OK
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  Olive Hill Cemetery Association 
  P. O. Box 381700
  Duncanville TX  75138-1700
  Oklahoma City, OK
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  Olive Hill Cemetery Association
  Memorial Day
  10AM at the cemetery